Kendall Appraisal Group, Inc.
2056 Portage Road, Suite #5
Wooster, OH
Ph: (330) 345-7246
Fax: (330) 345-7211 
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Kendall Appraisal Group, Inc.'s target market includes local, regional, and national lenders, governmental bodies, attorneys, and private individuals. We intend to continue our orderly and steady growth and to provide the variety of appraisal services that our customers require.

Our products/services include:

-Uniform Residential Appraisal (URAR)-FHLMC 465/FNMA 1004 
-Condominium Appraisal (CONDO)-FHLMC 465/FNMA 1073
-Limited Appraisal Analysis-Summary Report Format (Form 2055) 
-Limited Appraisal Analysis-Summary Report Format Drive By Appraisal- No Interior Inspection (Form 2055, 2065, 704)
-Vacant Land Appraisal (Lot Loan)
-2-4 Unit Residential FHLMC Form 72/FNMA Form 1025
-Field Review F2000
-Desk Review UADR

We also provide detailed Relocation reports in the Wayne County area and narrative reports for commercial customers throughout northcentral Ohio.

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